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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. first let's go to john collins. >> outside we have had some disturbances in the weather. combha i wanted to talk -- what
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i wanted to talk about was the earthquake. this particular computer model shows where the energy emanated from that earthquake through the water out into the pacific ocean which obviously powered the tidal wave that moved across the pacific during the day yesterday. you can see those darker shades of red. most of that was funneled to the south and headed toward portions of south america. one branch went to oregon. you can see the strength that went behind this particular extremely strong earthquake. we'll have more on that coming up in a minute. plus more on our forecast for the weekend, which was much drier. >> thank you, john. you are right. the earthquake is our big story this morning. that devastating earthquake and tsunami that destroyed everything in its path. the massive .9 -- the massive
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8.9 earthquake is the biggest earthquake to hit japan. >> and cities along the west coastline are breathing a sigh of relief they were largely spared the tsunami's wrath. with you -- but they did not escape totally. noelle walker has more. >> in hawaii seven-foot waves crashed on maui and sent residents scrambling for safety. in oregon coastal residents awoke to tsunami sirens. >> they started screaming and yelling and running through the trailer park getting everybody up. >> boats were tossed around in santa cruz like they were bathtub toys. south of san francisco beaches were closed and eastbound highways clogged with cars.
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coastal residents were evacuated to higher ground. in cressent city, most destruction was isolated to harbors and marinas. damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. president obama offered immediate aid. >> our hearts go out in japan and across the region. they will stand with us as we recover and rebuild across this region. >> a tragedy that could just as easily happened here. >> for many people here in maryland have been struggling to get in touch with friends and fami in japan. that includes japanese students studying in baltimore. kai reed continues our team coverage. >> the images are devastating. >> just by looking at those pictures. >> each one shaking towson
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university professor imiko tikagi to the core. >> people be -- cars floating away. it is hard to take in. >> she immediately tried to call her mother with no luck. >> nothing like any other earthquake we have had before. >> finally professor tikagi reached her family and friends by facebook. all her family members and friends in tokyo are safe and accounted for. four towson university exchange students are currently studying in japan. university officials say they are miles from the epicenter and are safe. she goes home to japan once a year. >> people in japan appearance an earthquake from time to time. it is part of the culture.
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>> nothing could prepare them for this, an 8.9 tsunami and hours of aftershocks. she said she is frustrated to be so far from home. >> most people, their farming equipment and all that, those people are going to be in need of great help. >> and it is not going to be easy to build. >> k afmente reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news -- kai reed reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> a nuclear plant in the region of japan, the walls of a building crumbled today as smoke poured out. right notice it is not clear if the building housed the reactor. there -- officials fear there could be a meltdown following a cooling of the reactor. >> you can check out interactive
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guide for more of the science behind these earthquakes and tsunamis can bring. we posted the lincoln our home page. >> parts of cecil county could be submerged. >> people in the town of port deposit are preparing. >> we're a little prepared now. >> because of its low-lying location, the town of port deposit are prone to flooding whenever these floodgates are open. as this video from 1996 shows, it can be bad. recent rain has caused mounting pressure at the conowingo damn. as a result, floodgates had to be opened. 18 gates were opened, ultimately
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causing parts of the susquehanna river to overflow. you can see where the water has caused flooding in parts of the parking lot. yesterday the water extended as far back as that debris line. officials worry can could go even higher. >> we're going to have 20 to 2021, which does concern us. we'll see water going into the underpasses. low-lying areas, some backyards. >> that's supposed to seal it, but it comes in between. >> a trickle of water has started to flow into pamela ichu's basement, but she's prepared for the worst. >> i've been monitoring it. i assume they would. i've been watching the water level. i have an rsf feed. we had a basement project going, so, yeah, we're putting stuff up on the plastic. >> other residents took advantage of rising waters to paddle around. overall most people aren't too concerned about the threat of flooding. >> the entire town was built on
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the river flooding. we take gigantic river arcs. this town is used to it. we're designed, basically, to flood. >> this town was built in 1870. maybe i'm crazy, but i'm not worried. >> management officials will be on stand by. wbal-tv 11 news. >> with the potential for flooding over the weekend, we'll send you aa -- a breaking e-mail news development. can you sign up by going to and click on the home page. >> one person stabbed during a home invasion in carroll county. it happened thursday in the 400 block of london court in westminster. maryland state police say they are looking for the suspects. right now this is no word on the victim's condition. >> a suspect wanted in a new york city homicide has been caught. police were pursuing michael
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kenny when they caught up with him along westbound 32 near route 3. kenny is wanted for stabbing his wife several times inside a new york hair salon on thursday. 34-year-old denise kelly died at the hospital. both kenny and his wife are from queens. >> murder charges dropped against the man in a deadly road rage shooting. young was shot and killed as he waited at a stop light at telegraph road at route 100 in august. prioritization say he was -- prioritization say he was found -- prosecuteors say he was found unstable to stand trial. he was later found not to be present at the scene. >> february 18 during a robbery at carroll fuel at 5200 block of -- if you have information on the case, you are urged to call
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baltimore county police. >> baltimore city police are investigating an accident that left a man in grave condition. authorities say the victim was on a moped when he crashed into a truck. it happened around 4:00 friday afternoon in the 2200 block of mchenry street of south baltimore. the victim was taken to shock trauma. the exact cause of the accident is under investigation. >> maryland state police say they have continued their investigation into the abandonment of a car that led to the suspension of the head of the homicide division. a city-owned vehicle assigned to terrence mclarney was found in a ditch. he said he was on his way home from work when his car slid into a ditch. state police said they found no reason to charge him. the results much their investigation are being turned over to -- the results of their investigation are being turned over to baltimore city police. >> how paying attention to the colors of the foods that you eat can help you eat healthier.
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>> and it could be the nfl's first work stoppage in more than 20 years. we'll have the latest on negotiations and the impact on america's favorite pass time coming up. >> first a live look outside. john collins is up next with your 11 insta-weather plus your 11 insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> it is not really quiet, because weather isn't noisy unless you have thunderstorms, but nothing is going on. when you whare it to -- when you compare it to what was going on on thursday, it is quiet. over the maritime provinces of new york are all far enough north they are not affecting our weather. it may produce some clouds this afternoon, but that's about it. all the precipitation should stay away. let's look outside. it is not quite sunrise yet. well, let's see. sunrise was at this morning 6:23. all right. we've been through -- we're just about ready to hit sunrise this morning.
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more on that in a minute. the first light of dawn now, the last time you'll see it this early for a while. 70% the humidity. 29.98 the pair metric pressure. west to -- 29.98 the barometric pressure. west to southwest sunshine. it looks like a nice day today. cockesville 36. rock hall, pretty nice out there. you can see a little bank of clouds just down into philadelphia but not down into maryland. this passed to our north along with that precipitation. pennsylvania had a few sprinkles, but we stayed in the clear. nice evening yesterday. nice morning this morning. another disturbance up in the great lakes. this will pull across the area today and it may kick up clouds. again it looks like moisture with it will stay to our north.
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that's a good trend. nothing big out west. it looks like we've a -- we have a situation where the weaked will turn out to be nice. a mix of sun and clouds. warmer than yesterday. 55 to 60 the high. the high of 52 on the nose of being normal. southwest wind today. 10 to 15 miles per hour. 6:23 with sunrise this morning. will be sunrise this morning. we shift everything out as we go through the time change overnight. flood warning. susshan why river below the conowingo damn. under a flood warning. 1:30 this morning, 26.5 was the stage in flood. 23 will be the crest expected this evening sometime overnight tonight. keep an eye out. there is the first disturbance passing to our north tonight. another one by monday.
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it will be south of us. start increasing clouds on monday. we'll have to watch for precipitation from that and see what happens. right now the forecast, a dry weekend. 55 on sunday. 50 on monday with rain chances monday night tuesday and wednesday. maybe a few snow flakes mixed in. thursday and friday a warming trend. we'll be up by the end of the week perhaps. a reminder, set your clocks so you are on time tomorrow. overnight tomorrow we change and move clocks ahead one hour. >> overtime didn't help the national football league when it came to dividing up $9 billion in revenues. >> two extensions in labor talks again as the players dessert identified the union and nfl locked out the players. here's brian mooar. >> after agreeing to two contract extensions, nfl owners and players faced off for a 15th day of mediation.
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talks broke down virtually assuring the first pro-football work stoppage since 1987. >> constituent significant differences continue to remain. >> we've been here the better part of two weeks now, and essentially during that two-week period the union's position on core economic issues has not changed one iota. >> we accepted the union's position on a wide-range of issues in an effort to bridge the depap, in an effort to -- gap, in an effort to get to an agreement. evidently that wasn't enough. >> a player demand that the owners open up their books. >> players turned that demand into an 11th hour ultimatum. >> that if there was going to be a request for an extension, that we ask for 10 years of auditted financial records to acome any any extension. >> players had the option of
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fighting it out in court or face sanctions. the merrill mediator said -- the federal mediator said that was that. >> no constructive purpose is served by requesting the parties to continue at this time. >> the two sides told the media virtually nothing. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> you can sign up for free for lock-out updates at >> i'm not going to think about the lockout. eat right with color. the ways you can spruce upier meal and still eat healthy. >> plus, beware of the sheen malware. coming up, a -- someone using
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the trubblingd troubled actor's image too -- troubled
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>> in "consumer alert" climate change could affect your cup of joe. some latin american conditions finding difficult conditions for growing. a yield imbalance and prices rising. some have increased prices 25% in the last year. >> american airlines hiking its fares once again. this week the airline hiked domestic fares by $10 per round trip. american also waived round-trip fares by $10. if others fall in line, it could mean a second fare jump by u.s. carriers this year.
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>> if you have been looking at videos about the alleged death of charlie sheen, you have fallen victim to the latest malware scam. some facebook and twitter headlines are beginning with r.i.p. or west in -- or rest in peace claiming sheen died in his home due to cardiac arrest. if you use the link, you will be taken to a youtube type page that will spread to your computer and could affect your computer with malware. by the way, charlie sheen is still alive. he's still here with us. >> how to eat healthy according to color. that when we return. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> in "medical alert" march is national nutrition month. registered dieticia rebecca kritcfeld is here.
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we are told to eat the rainbow. >> yes. we tend to avoid the rainbow these days. i have a few simple tips for how we can get that pop of color in our breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. and in a way that will not impact your time. >> if we get breakfast at all, we probably go for a bagel. as you can see there is probably a lot of color there. this is what i'm recommending, the oat serial. >> -- oatcereal. the pop of color will be fruit. 50 berries in a cup. a lot of powerful antioxidants are here. even help prevent cancer. the truth is, no one ever gained weight eating fruit. . >> you can get fruit for your pop of color with your
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breakfast. this is that plain old pb & j. you say there is another way to make your lunch? >> yes. i like to use wheat tortillas because you can sneak veggies in . you can throw a handful of field greens in there. for the meat, i used a veggieburger. lunch can be high sodium. so i like to use a veggie burger and combine it with an avocado. so they have the good fats we're looking for. >> and look at this plate. this is something you might have for dinner? >> yes. absolutely. instead of take-out, kind of
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asemipble -- assemble your dinner. i got a little help from the grocery store. they make sha rim -- slim -- shrimp that's already been cooked for you. what i did, i found a recipe from the amazing this is jicama, a white vegetable. that can be a good dip with -- >> baked tortillas. >> you can microwave some semi-sweet morsels. >> thank you for joining us. great tips. the time 6:33 on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. stay with us. you are watching "11 news
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saturday morning".
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> first let's check outside with john. john, the top story is the earthquake and the tsunami. >> that's right. the sun is up this morning and the weather is fine.
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the big news is the earthquake, the result yapt tsunami. -- the resultant tsunami. the effects were even felt on the california coast. i have some statistic for you. we want to show you that to get things rolling. we'll talk about the forecast in just a minute. this latest earthquake and resultant tsunami is japan's fifth biggest in recorded history since -- this earthquake is the world's fifth biggest. the earthquake in chile, ecuador, the alusio, and japan, the 8.9 we just experienced yesterday. the number five largest in recorded history since 1900's.
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we'll talk about our weather. things will be quiet for the next couple days before the next rain comes. details ahead. >> a massive search and rescue operation continues in japan. daybreak is revealing the full extent of the damage. this morning hundreds of people are known to have died. many more are missing and more than a thousand are injured. more than 1,100 are injured. it unleashed one of the greatest fasters japan -- disasters japan has witnessed. japan has now declared states of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants. the walls of a building at one of the power stations crumbled today as smoke poured out. it is not clear if the damaged building housed a reactor, but officials fear there could be a meltdown following a coling.
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-- cooling. >> the tsunami that followed the earthquake crossed ocean like a jetliner. marinas and harbors in california and oregon had boats crashing together. some boats were pulled out to sea. >> maybe next year. that's what many advocates of same-sex marriage legislation are saying after the bill died in the house yesterday. after weeks of legislation and lobbying, the bill did not pass. >> we sent you to annapolis to protect our rights! >> division on the streets carried intoed capitol building. the debate revealed a house iddwid and on the most personal terms imaginable. emmett burns said his life was
6:35 am
threatened. supporters used racial slurs to try to intimidate him. he took exception to the comparison to the civil rights bill. >> show me where in birmingham, alabama where water hoses were turned on us. >> it is a civil rights issue. >> i knew when i listened to god's voice coming to me, what i heard was you are made in my image. >> i have heard that somehow i am less than natural. that i am less than human. >> but the votes for passage simply weren't there. >> at this time i'm going to move to have this bill recommitted to the house
6:36 am
judiciary committee. >> all in favor say aye. >> they cite members unfamiliar with the legislative process as part of the problem with passage. also, they couldn't change the bill. >> i expect to see a bill coming from the house of delegates next year. >> the measure took a rollercoaster ride to the house floor. before it arrived, the committee declined to accept any new measures. there were unsuccessful attempts to amend it on the floor. >> the amendment eliminates a few specific examples where a church is having -- >> the law walks, it doesn't run. you need to take it a step at a time. >> the state is suggesting that civil unions are recognized first. advocates oppose civil union because it doesn't go far enough. in annapolis, david collins,
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wbal-tv 11 news. >> tessa hill-as espn will be our guest tomorrow on the -- on "sunday questions." if you have a question, e-mail us at >> and claze -- changes for mary! hey! wow, you look great! thanks! it's this new wish yourself thin program. i just wish it and it happens.
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can >> by the way, that fourth largest earthquake chimkapka is
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in russia. it is a russian peninsula. >> our own weather here, passing to our north. flakes up in pennsylvania moving into new england. another in the great lakes. we'll stay way to our north today. it looks like we'll be nice and quiet. looks like we'll see sun this morning. take a look at the picture outside. right now we make -- may pick up pictures outside. you see the first glear of sunshine to the left of the screen. 70% the humidity. southwest wind at 6. a predominantly western wind today coming out of the mountains. as the breeze comes down the slope, it tends to warm things up. so it stalls clouds to a degree. and it tends to bring the temperatures up.
6:41 am
yesterday, we were seasonnably low. 37 westminster at frederick. only 28 at oakland right now. still chilly out there. satellite picture, clouds up in new jersey and pennsylvania. we're clear this stainl of the game. there's that next disturbance up in the great lakes right now. it reaches back into wisconsin and minnesota. the low is right at the at this point of lake superior. that moves east. it is riding pretty far north. we'll be on the south edge. we might be clipped by clouds. it looks like a miss for us as far as precipitation. the high pressure comes in for a day or two to start the workweek next week. a mix of sun. maybe a few clouds today. mild 65 to 60. southwest winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. on the susquehanna river, a flood warning below the conowingo damn.
6:42 am
the conowingo is here and the maryland state line is up here. so near port deposit a flood warning in effect through this evening. at 1:30 this morning the river stage was 26.5 so it is in flood and 27.3 feet is the expected crest sometime this evening or overnight tonight. keep that in mind. here's our futurecast showing some of these clouds with that disturbance to our north. later today and tonight, everything stays to our north. this computer model has this rain coming pretty far north. others have it push ad way to the south. so we'll compromise and keep a dry-looking forecast into monday. so 59 today. 55 on sunday. a little cooler. still a nice weekend here. monday we pick up a few clouds. by tuesday into wednesday, and i think especially wednesday, we could see rain chances, maybe a
6:43 am
few snow flakes where temperatures will be down close to freezing. look at the end of the week, 55 to 59 for highs. >> in this morning's education alert, baltimore county school teachers say a plan to cut classroom positions could affect student achievement. the district may get rid of as many as 200 teaching positions. tim tooten has more. >> baltimore county school officials say they will have to tighten their belts in order to balance the budget. that means eliminating hundreds of teaching positions, not jobs. the teacher's union says it has gotten worse so that in some schools, the district may have to cut as many as two dozen positions. >> we have schools losing 20 teachers. we know class size is going to go. one thing we have to talk about is student achievement. >> county officials say they are doing the math and believe it is too early to come up with firm
6:44 am
numbers without knowing how many teachers will retire or resign. >> they are all formula-based numbers based on what we anticipate will happen in august when the students arrive for the 2011-2012 school year. >> some teachers say this summer may be too late for them and for students who may be affected by the staffing changes. >> as a student, we try to go for developing personal relationships and get buy-ins, and i think when you have a larger class size, it takes away from teachers' ability to focus in on that student that needs extra help or focus np in on that person having a bad a day. >> he said he believes teachers may be over-reacting. >> there have never been furloughs in public schools. every teacher has a job with benefits. i apologize to those out of work that see this type of behavior.
6:45 am
>> and for new teachers looking for work, they may have to wait. the school system has already canceled its yearly jobs fair. >> and stay with us. "11 fitness owe "is coming up next. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> back now with "11 fitness" with charles. >> for perfect push-up device that you can use. it is really good because you can turn it in and turn it out. it shows you moves you are not acustomed to. you can get this from any department store. >> john is not doing that. i'm going to be in charge right now. >> also weights, you can do the same thing. pull your weights, help balance yourself a little bit. core training.
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>> don't do this at home if you are what? >> if you are what? >> you were doing that with your knees off the groupped. is it also ok to do it with your knees on the ground? >> women do most of their push-ups -- that's like a modified version of that, just because they don't have much upper body strength. sometimes we let them get away with that, but the guys, we have to do that military. >> we need more back work. >> and core. >> i was looking for an out there, but that didn't work. >> this is a good way to start off any work-out. it affects your muscles. you can go like this. right, left. you don't want to go too far down. back up.
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>> he's working at that. there's a little stress going on. >> i would have a wardrobe malfunction. you will have to do that. 30 seconds, john. >> i want your head to be on the ball as well. >> see, he didn't -- 25 pounds. >> all right. you can contact charles at >> he's still going. stop!
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>> good job, john. [applause] >> thank you, charles. thank you, john. you're a great sport. we'll be right back.'l
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>> after days of remediation of owners, no deal would be done. 9.3 billion in revenue. they can't decide how to share it. therefore, we are going to go the route of the courts. the fight between the two of course is about money. at the core of that fight is power. players throughout the years have made great strides. free agents, 63% of revenues all three things they want through litigation and bargaining. the owners want that back. the union proves resolute in its will to fight and keep what has already been won. >> so i'll tell you what. we're going to go back to work. we're going to do our best to save football. but right now, football is in good hands. it is in the hands of the people who love our game, it is in the hands of the people who play, and it is in the hands of the fans who dig everything we do. >> and in the hands of judge
6:55 am
david dody. not in the hands of williams, though. duke and the a.c.c. quarter-finals did not start out well but the terps battled back. a great freshman misses here. the one-handed tip in. terps within five in the second half. it is a run that continues. howard kicks in to jordan williams. knocked back down to three. maryland gets 12 minutes to go. just could never get over that hump. seth curry with the ultimate dagger. duke pulls away late knocking off maryland late. maryland onto the n.i.t. morgan state much more success in the miac tournament. morgan a winner on friday. kevin thompson 2 -- 22 points. morgan state vs. hampton later
6:56 am
today at 2:00. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. i'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. >> all right. john, how are you doing? >> you can't point at the ball tomorrow, i'll come help you. >> i can't complain. 59 today, 55 tomorrow. it looks like dry weather. monday looks ok, too. by tuesday, especially wednesday, we might pick up rain. early in the morning, there might be snow flakes. by the end of the week, we'll be 60's. just a reminder, daylight savings time starts tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. at this time it will really be 3 .5 minutes before 6:00, won't it? >> at this time. >> related to the sun. >> it really would be. you're right. >> are you totally confused? why yes. >> spring ahead. >> spring ahead.
6:57 am
>> i'll change the clocks. >> see you soon. >> drivers that read and text behind the wheel will face tough
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fines. this includes reading, text messaging while driving as well as when stopped. 28% of all traffic accidents are estimated to involve a driver talking on a cell phone or texting while driving. state highway data shows 80% of teens drive while distracted. 80%. it was those startling statistics that prompted wbal to partner with the pdmd state department of education and shock trauma and the state highway safety foundation to launch the don't drive distracted project. the goal is to inform students of the dangers of driving distracted. christian greer is the winner of our 3-d video contest. you will see his video announcement. while the message is produced by teens and targeted for a teen audience, the lesson for all of us is to not drive distracted.
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